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We present here some trends, highlighting consumer behaviors and attitudes in different sectors. These surveys were conducted using our online omnibus, and the results were analyzed by our team.
Own-brand products: a forme to be reckoned with!
In these times of economic crisis and decreasing purchasing power, own-brand products are coming into their own. While premium brands continue to…
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Which type of pension?
Overall only 37% of French respondents of all age groups claim to trust the current state pension system With a lot of…
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Made in France
The perception of a product’s added value when it is manufactured in France Given the current economic climate and increasing unemployment, one…
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A built-in SIM card
Is this the end of mobile phone operators as we know them? Apple’s announcement in which they expressed their desire to offer…
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Social Networks
Is Facebook‟s growing popularity amongst middle and senior management a threat to „professional‟ social networks? Social networks have become more and more…
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