Quality standards and ESOMAR

Our quality control policy demonstrates our desire for constant improvement, our propensity for precision and our determination to meet your needs to the very best of our abilities.

This is clearly visible in each and every step of our research projects. In order to maintain high standards, the entire research process – from data collection to result analysis – is dealt with by our own team of research experts. Therefore by taking charge of every phase of the project we can mastermind the process and control the quality from beginning to end. This vertical integration of the research process enables us to be incredibly responsive and to generate transparent feedback reports.

Opinea, online research specialists

Moreover, as online research specialists, we are particularly vigilant when it comes to respecting the private lives of our respondents and protecting any nominative data with which we are entrusted.

As a member of ESOMAR, we comply fully with the rules and regulations of the International Code CCI / ESOMAR for the practice of social and market research, as well as all of the current national legislation and in particular that which deals with the protection of personal data.

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