Tools & Resources

A wide range of tools and resources enable us to carry out our adhoc studies in the best possible conditions. Whether they are developed in-house or supplied by our external partners, these different methods can be put into place and adapted to fit the requirements of your specific research project.

The advantages of this approach are double. Firstly, by studying your situation and the context of your questions we are therefore able to offer you a custom-made solution. Secondly, our range of services is constantly adapting to market changes and innovation, thereby providing you with the best tools possible.

Not only experts of a wide range of marketing tools and methods both qualitative and quantitative, we are also pro-active when it comes to creating and developing our own in-house tools. In this way, our expanding skill set enables us to adapt to and deal with your request, whatever the sector or however complicated it may be.

Besides this versatility, we bring our high standards of efficiency in terms of speed, cost and precision to each of our projects. We are absolutely intransigent when it comes to quality and attention to detail.

Here are just some of the tools we can offer you:

An “Access Panel”.
Our Online Access Panel is exclusively dedicated to our own research and currently has over 60,000 members. It enables us to provide you with an extremely high level of reactivity to any kind of request as well as a very broad network coverage, given that we are currently present in 9 countries (France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Mexico).

A CAWI platform (Computer Assisted Web Interview)
Internet gives us boundless possibilities when it comes to data collection and we can make good use of this kind of resource thanks to our own dedicated online tool.

Online omnibus.
This is market research that enables us to give you answers to your questions in just 5 days, at a very competitive price.

In terms of resources, we regularly call upon:

A vast network of interviewers if interviewers who operate throughout the entire country. We collaborate frequently with this invaluable and reliable team whether it’s for surveys in dedicated interview rooms, at home or intercept studies in the street, in a specific location.

Telephone platforms enabling us to conduct surveys over various geographical zones. Thanks to a multitude of qualified partners we are able to make the most of this resource and work with teams who share the same high standards of quality.

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