Interviewer network

Sometimes complicated or particularly complex research requires a survey to be carried out face to face. This is often the case when the questionnaire is long or difficult to negotiate alone.

It can also be invaluable when it’s necessary to present some additional material at the same time as the questionnaire such as an advert, a product or some packaging. In order to deal with this kind obligation our team members are able to call upon a vast network of more than 200 interviewers who operate throughout the entire country.

These additional resources enable us to offer you three different approaches:

  • Surveys at home: the interviewer visits the participant’s home. The size of our research network allows us to cover a wide geographical area, which is a real advantage for this kind of study.

  • Surveys in dedicated interview rooms: the participants are recruited in the street or by telephone and invited to come and answer a questionnaire indoors. We have such venues in Paris, Lyon and Nantes at our disposal.

  • Intercept surveys, in a specific location: these are mainly used to interview users of particular facilities such as stations, shopping centres, certain shops or even trade shows or exhibitions. Our researchers recruit and interview individuals using a tablet, which gives them access to the questionnaire via 3G. The data is subsequently stocked on our own server, which is entirely managed by us. You are thereby able to consult the results live from our client web interface. In this way, our tool permits us to go above and beyond simply taking charge

In this way, our tool permits us to go above and beyond simply taking charge of your research requiring face-to-face surveys. We are able to organise and carry them out in the best possible way.

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