Create a dedicated panel

The assurance of conducting exclusive studies with your target heart.

Our technical and methodological expertise enables you to take full advantage of the creation and management of your own dedicated panel. With a dedicated panel you can “sound out” your client base or your prospective clients in optimum conditions without paying a fortune to select a rare target within an access panel for the general public.
Creating your own dedicated panel is doubly efficient. On the one hand you are able to conduct exclusive research by reaching your core target directly thanks to highly specific recruitment. Whilst on the other hand marketing directors will be armed with a life-size laboratory which will serve as a vital tool in the management of their brands and the decision making process.

The concept of a dedicated online panel enables you to:

  • Conduct highly specific surveys,
  • Meet very tight deadlines,
  • Benefit from extremely competitive tariffs.

Regular surveys linked to the dedicated panel are carried out with a pre-selected target, which could be comprised of:

  • Your clients / your subscribers / your “readers” / your employees,
  • A target sample of “prospective clients”,
  • Customer catchment areas specific to your network,
  • Any identifiable population.

Opinea guide you through the whole process of building and operating your dedicated panel:

  • Making strategic recommendations,
  • Facilitating creation and development,
  • Putting together the panel,
  • Managing and running the panel.
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