Product development & tests

During a product launch it is vital to ensure, in an objective way, that your consumers can clearly identify the competitive advantage of your product. The success of your product depends on it.

A consumer test provides you with a clear vision of your product as well as operational and actionable insight, which will enable you to optimise the product concerned.

Principles of a concept test

The ultimate decision-making tool, the research undertaken by our team will enable you to quickly and cost-effectively:

  • Choose the most relevant concepts,
  • Define the points for improvement of each concept by identifying their strengths and weaknesses,
  • Determine the most valuable product benefits to highlight in the product sales pitch.

Concept benchmarking provides answers to two essential questions:

  • Which is the most interesting concept?
  • Which concept fits your strategy the best?

The analysis then allows you to build a sales pitch and find answers to basic strategic questions:

  • Which product benefits would be the most advantageous to develop?
  • How should I build the marketing-mix of my future product?
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