Get answers from the market in 5 days flat with the Omnibus Online solution!

The Online Omnibus aims to find the market’s answers to your questions in just 5 days, and for a modest sum. This approach is much less costly than an ad hoc study. The price of data collection is shared with several clients, as each client is able to ask one or more questions.

The online Omnibus is carried out via Internet as part of our Access Panel, and represents a method that can be used in many varied contexts. This tool deals with all phases of marketing strategy and is equally useful in connection with all types of social, political issues and opinions.

Using this tool to conduct your study will enable you to:

  • Collect spontaneous reactions about current affairs,
  • Discover new societal trends,
  • Study behaviours and attitudes,
  • Measure brand recognition or study brand image,
  • Carry out pre-tests and post-tests (of by-lines, campaigns, jingles etc.)

Several standard identification questions available in each wave are already included in the budget. So by choosing to use our online Omnibus you have direct access to variables such as:

  • Participant gender
  • Date of birth
  • Region or county of residence (postcode)
  • Professional category
  • Monthly income of the household

You also have the option of including other identification questions at an additional cost. We can provide quotes for questions concerning marital status, education level, household vehicles, brand of vehicle owned or even participant hobbies for example.

Our warranty with Omnibus Online

  • The construction of a solid representative sample of 1000 individuals aged between 18 and 64, thanks to our Access Panel. The sample’s structure is based on quotas (gender, age, region) established from the most up-to-date statistics from INSEE.
  • Observation of precise “deadlines”: the questionnaire is validated at midday on the Thursday, then the fieldwork can be carried out from the Friday to the Monday so that the first set of results are available from midday on the Tuesday.
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