Opinea Access Panel : to best meet your needs!

Always looking for new ways to find the best solution for your research needs, we are pleased to propose our Access Panel, which is comprised of individuals who have accepted to participate in market research studies. This online panel is a valuable resource that is constantly available for use, according to your needs.

As well as the obvious advantages with regard to cost and tight deadlines, using this type of tool as part of our range of services brings with it additional benefits too.

Deciding to make use of our Access Panel to carry out your study means that you will benefit from:

  • A panel whose size will reflect your needs and the sample profile you are looking for,
  • A homogenous qualification irrespective of the country (or countries) concerned
  • In-depth management and organisation, as is the case for all of our services,
  • Reassurance of technical safety levels,
  • The added value of our online research expertise.
Great Britain 

Our warranty with Acces Panel Opinea

Our Online Access Panel is exclusively dedicated to our own research and currently has over 60,000 members. The recruitment is carried out by the book and enables us to constitute samples that are not only representative of the national population but also of specific target groups, which could correspond to your particular needs.

Furthermore, in an effort to mutualise our know-how and in order to bring you a panel able to meet a maximum of your requirements, our access panel currently covers 9 countries (France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Mexico).
In this way we provide you with an extremely high level of reactivity to any kind of request as well as a very broad network coverage.

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