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Key elements of communication and client contact, websites and information regarding visits to these sites should be considered vital data when it comes to monitoring your strategy. An increasingly high segmentation of both websites and the target group means that it is more and more important to have a precise definition of the target audience. This differs according to the kind of website; commercial, community or institutional.

Surveying a website’s visitors allows you to optimise the content, making it more attractive and also more pertinent. For these reasons we offer those present on the e-commerce scene the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their clients’ experience when they visit the website, helping them to improve proximity with their consumers and therefore increase the website’s efficiency.

Website evaluation: a host of objectives

The methodology put in place by our team for this kind of study enables you to quickly and cost-effectively define:

  • the website’s visitor profile (socio-demographic profile, usage, attitudes and behaviours),
  • the reasons for connecting to the site and the way in which the site is usually used,
  • the image that the users have of the site,
  • the overall satisfaction level as well as a more detailed view with regard to the site,
  • future attitudes about the website (intention to visit the site again),,
  • the intention to recommend the site to someone else.


Website evaluation: how it works

  • The principle: visitors to your website are invited to take part in a short survey of 4 or 5 minutes. The invitation appears as a pop-up, placed on certain pages. The questionnaire is hosted on our server.
  • Sample size: depending on the popularity of your website, a sample size of 300 to 800 Internet users will be needed.
  • Three levels of results:
    • Detailed profile using socio-demographic characteristics, Internet usage behaviour etc.
    • Feedback about the site (satisfaction, image, etc.),
    • Actual behaviour while using the site (path taken, time spent, source, etc.).
  • Production deadlines: the study can be set up in just 3 to 5 days and the survey takes from 1 to 3 weeks. The result analyses are delivered one week after the end of the survey..
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